Dried Persimmon


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Dried Persimmon

Product Information


Dried persimmons offer a range of health benefits, including being rich in nutrients like vitamins A and C, potassium, and dietary fiber. They serve as a natural sweetener, overall benefits:

  • Contribute to digestive health
  • Provide antioxidants for cellular well-being
  • Support immune function, may aid in heart health

How To Consume

Dried persimmons can be enjoyed in several delightful ways. As a convenient and sweet snack, simply savor them on their own for a burst of natural sweetness. They also make a delicious addition to trail mixes, combining well with nuts and other dried fruits for a flavorful and energizing mix. Incorporate chopped dried persimmons into your morning cereal or yogurt for a delightful twist, adding both sweetness and chewiness to your breakfast.

Taste & Texture

Dried persimmons offer a naturally sweet taste with a hint of honey-like richness. The texture is chewy and succulent, providing a satisfying mouthfeel

Country of Origin


Natural fresh dried sliced persimmon

Allergy Information

Persimmon allergy or experience any allergic symptoms after consuming persimmon, it’s crucial to seek medical advice.

Storage Instruction

To store dried fruits effectively, keep them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight, using airtight, opaque containers to prevent moisture, light, and odors from affecting their quality. Recommended to keep in chiller or freezer for longer storage.



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